Wednesday, April 29, 2009

ESL Basics Website for English Teachers and EFL Learners

My name is Andrea Michael, and I'm an ESL teacher at Campbellsville University and on I ran across your contact information and wanted to formally invite you to come watch and learn at! brings English to life through hundreds of ESL/EFL/TESOL videos.

We have hundreds of ESL/EFL/TESOL videos, including:

* Vocabulary
* TOEFL Preparation
* Idioms
* Phrasal Verbs
* Business English
* Teacher Tips and Activities

At ESL Basics, we believe that real-life context is a student's best friend, not a list of terms to memorize. This is why our vocabulary is surrounded by a conversation. ESL Basics fosters an environment where students aren't just learning one word, they are acquiring language. ESL Basics is structured around a philosophy of student-centered lessons, videos, and usability. We also know that everyone learns better together, so we have created the ability for students to share what they find with their peers through social networks around the globe. was founded by my brother Josh and I in order to bring English to life for English language learners around the globe. I have been teaching ESL and TESOL for three years at Campbellsville University, and love teaching English and training teachers to do their best in the ESL/EFL classroom. One of my passions is designing creative lesson plans, and using media with my students. That's why I created . My brother Josh teaches business English with ESL Basics, bringing ESL to businessmen and businesswomen all over the world.

Check us out for yourself, and please pass us along to your students.

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Happy Teaching and Learning!

Andrea Michael
Co-Creator of

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Thanks so much for linking us to your site. We really appreciate it! You have some great insight on your blogs here. Keep up the good work!

Andrea Michael