Sunday, April 05, 2009

New Squidoo Lenses in March 2009

New Squidoo Lenses in March 2009

For your continuing interest and information, here are some new Squidoo lenses posted in March 2009. I post and use these as readings, for web quests and extra assignment material fro various ESP classes such as Health, Business Administration and Computer or Technology language groups.

A Fat Loss Workout Slim Down Plan

Five Traits of a Successful Woman

Successful Weight Loss in Women

Why Women’s Fat Loss is Easy

Can UFOs Be Explained By Natural Phenomena?

PiraƱa: Deadly and Delicious

Dynamite Salt Water Lures: Make Your Own for 75 Cents or Less Each with These Easy Steps

Free Technology for Teachers

Making Effective Use of Short Stories in English Language Teaching

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