Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April Fool's Day

Happy April!

“I hope nobody made a fool of you today, being April Fools Day!

I woke up this morning to my husband telling me it snowed last night and the ground was covered. Ha! I would NOT be taken for an idiot this year, no tricking me with something so absurd!

Usually, I’m quite gullible and always forget it’s April 1st and fall for everyone’s lame attempts (one year my mom called me and said there was a man and elephant walking down the road...).

This year, I went to bed remembering not to fall for anything dished out by my husband or my son. So, after my husband made his stupid joke, I slithered out of bed shaking my head and slightly irritated that he would wake me up when I still had 7 more minutes I could have been sleeping (I wouldn’t call myself a morning person).

There was a sliver of doubt nagging in the back of my head, but was not going to be taken for a fool...or was I?

I glanced over my shoulder, made sure my husband wasn’t looking, crept up to the bedroom window and quietly pulled the blinds back to peek outside. I suppose I was the fool, after all, whether my husband was or wasn’t watching me, I was looking, wasn’t I!

Guess what?

I was a double fool, not only did I not believe him, but he was telling the truth! Urgh, there’s over two inches of white stuff on the ground and still coming down heavily.

Post text by permission of Rhonda Callow at Bright Hub

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