Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Babbel Grows from Website to Comprehensive Language Learning System

Enjoy Learning Languages at Babbel.com

PR Log (Press Release) – Apr 13, 2010

Today the interactive language learning system Babbel (www.babbel.com) presents three new key features that make learning foreign languages easier than ever. Babbel apps for iPhone, created in collaboration with German software company Aspirement, offer convenient learning for on-the-go. Meanwhile, a special desktop program for PC and Mac now individualizes the learner’s routine. Finally, a newly designed interface for Personal Vocabulary allows words to be printed out for study offline. Tailored to fit individual routines, and taking full advantage of current internet technology, Babbel opens up new dimensions for the study of foreign languages.

High Learning Efficiency: Babbel Mobile for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Anyone can take a few moments on the way to work, in a cafĂ© or during the commercial break to quickly practice some vocabulary: The Babbel Mobile apps in seven languages for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad makes this possible. When traveling, the program is also a great bring-along tutor and can provide the most useful vocabulary and phrases with just one click. Downloading the iPhone apps in any of Babbel’s seven languages – Spanish, French, English, German, Italian, Portuguese and Swedish – is free. Subscribers to the online portal have access to the entire Vocabulary on- and offline. There is also a trial version those who have not yet purchased Babbel.

Every user’s Personal Vocabulary synchronizes automatically. For those interested in the app independently of the online portal, there is the possibility to purchase it for €5.99. This gives the chance to study up to 3000 words and phrases for any one language, as well as access to all features online and off. “With the new iPhone apps, the user can take advantage of short breaks to brush up on vocabulary words and stay present with the language – even with a tight schedule.” says Markus Witte, managing director of Babbel.

Here is a direct link to the App Store download for all Babbel languages: http://www.babbel.com/go/babbel-mobile

Individualized Language Training: “Babbel Refresh” in Beta

Most people do have the time to study foreign language vocabulary, but it’s often easy for them to get distracted or lose momentum. Babbel has developed the new Babbel Refresh to motivate learners. The program reminds the user regularly to review, and allows the personal Vocabulary Trainer to be opened with just one click. Babbel’s Refresher Tool analyzes the learner’s current progress, and calculates what should optimally be reviewed next. The user sets the flexibility of the reminders according to their particular routine.

Babbel subscribers can download Babbel Refresh and install it locally on their computer. Based on the Adobe Air runtime environment, the feature works with both Windows and Mac operating systems.“Babbel is more than just a website,” Witte says. “With this type of independent learning management, Babbel is one of the most up-to-date and comprehensive language learning systems around. The combination of technology, high quality content and innovative teaching methods make Babbel very unique.” Here is a link going directly to the Babbel Refresh download page (requires Adobe Air): http://www.babbel.com/go/babbel-refresh

Newly adapted learning material makes language learning even easier
Content-wise, Babbel has expanded its language learning system to offer more courses and new formats. Starting now, Babbel users can manage their Personal Vocabulary and Refresher Tool with individualized settings. In addition, due to popular demand, the learning system now offers the opportunity to print out Personal Vocabulary.

After the recent addition of Swedish and Brazilian Portuguese, the market entry into Sweden, Brazil and Portugal has just taken effect. Now Babbel offers a total of 42 possible language combinations for more than 700,000 learners from more than 200 countries.

For further information and images go to: http://www.babbel.com/home/about/press

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