Friday, May 01, 2009

What Motivated You to Start Your Blog?

Interview Question Response:

The whole concept started when a less experienced EFL teacher asked me about a problem he was having, I wrote out a detailed answer to his question so he’d have it to refer to later on. Then as more and more teachers began asking similar questions and I thought about posting answers to them online for free. Many questions came up more than once and I could just refer them to the relevant post for further information.

The site got “discovered” somehow online and I now regularly get questions, comments and insights from hundreds ESL and EFL teachers in more than 135 countries worldwide each month according to Google Analytics. I get around 3700 hits a month at that blog site.

I've also posted detailed articles to my site at ezinearticles at I currently have around 450 articles posted there when have received more than 325,500 page views. I put a few of my Barcelona, Spain post-grad school papers there and they’ve gotten between 12,000 and 18,000 page views EACH. That absolutely stunned me – I’m still curious as to why.

What's on your iPod ?

Sorry, but I don’t currently own an iPod. I DO incorporate the use of a laptop computer into my class room though. It’s to transmit videos, website views, music videos, readings and Power Point presentations to learners. It saves me a HUGE amount of writing on the board sometimes and I can print out articles, tables and other info for learners to photocopy instead of constantly writing notes. I can connect to YouTube (I have my own channel and videos there at:, for example, and take advantage of thousands of available videos on any topic.

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