Monday, August 31, 2009 Brings Schliemann's Language Learning Method Online

The new collaborative service will help people learn foreign languages using the method invented by German archeologist Heinrich Schliemann.

CORRECTMYTEXT.COM – native speakers will check your text in a foreign language

MOSCOW, Russia - Larnite Ltd today announces the launch of version 1.1 of, a new collaborative service for language learners with the elements of social networking. Once registered, the user can submit a text and get it corrected for free by someone who speaks the desired language fluently. Besides, members can request a recorded version of the corrected text to practice pronunciation. is the effort of Dmitry Lopatin, a young scientist and entrepreneur from Russia. As a child, he read a book about the famous 19th century German archeologist Heinrich Schliemann who is famous for finding the gold of Troy and inventing his own method of learning foreign languages. To master a new language, Schliemann would read a book written in a foreign language, comparing the text sentence by sentence with the translation in his mother tongue. Then he would write texts in a foreign language and pay to foreigners to get them corrected, sometimes spending all his money. Within two years, Schliemann taught himself 15 languages, including English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian and Portuguese.

Inspired by the personality of the scientist and his learning method, Dmitry Lopatin created in April 2009.

To get started, the user needs to register an account on CorrectMyText, which is quick and free. Facebook users can use the site without any registration. The "Facebook Connect" button on top of the homepage enables the user to connect with Facebook in a click. After the registration, the user can submit any kind of text: an essay, resume, letter, or a blog-post and a native speaker or someone who speaks the desired language fluently will proofread the text for grammar and style mistakes. Correcting mistakes for native speakers is easy, so many of them are happy to help with proofreading. Before submitting the text, the user can specify the level of language competence required from the proofreader, the number of checks to be made and request a recorded version of the corrected text. At any time, members can contact each other and discuss language-specific topics using the built-in mailing system. Also, users can comment on texts or corrections, discuss the content, or grammar rules. offers many unique benefits.

- There are thousands of native speakers who can correct the text at no cost and will do it much better than a teacher or private tutor who cannot speak the language as perfectly as the native speaker.

- The service can help bloggers or webmasters to brush up the content of a blog or website if the personal language competence leaves much to be desired.

- The user can find many new friends from around the world and share valuable cultural knowledge, which is impossible when one attends language courses, or has lessons with a private tutor.

- The user can submit a text on any topic: love, relationships, philosophy, world issues, or a text that contains slang, which one would find embarrassing to show to the teacher or private tutor.

Currently, the CorrectMyText community consists of over 1,500 registered members learning one of the ten most commonly used languages, including English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.

The site also supports texts in non-Latin languages, which makes it attractive to learners who want to study Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or Russian and want to find a language partner to get advice and assistance in proofreading. For the convenience of the users, the interface is localized to 10 above mentioned languages. In the nearest future, the author plans to localize the site up to 100 languages, including Latin and Esperanto. is a good complimentary service for people who are serious about learning a foreign language and want to get assistance from people around the world.


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