Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Are You Speaking American English?

An American English Video?

This video is a spoof of the ridiculousness of some English as a foreign language learning series videos. EFL teachers should always make every effort to use authentic English language materials with their language learners to avoid having their students imitating and sounding similar to this. There are far, far too many cases of English language learners "studying" English for years, then taking a short vacation trip to the USA or Canada only to discover they can't speak and don't understand anyone who speaks to them.

Authentic English Language Material is Freely Available Worldwide

This is a completely avoidable situation, in my opinion. Especially if English language learners are "weaned off" of bland "made for EFL" videos which strip the language of its dignity and spontaneity. Even if you have no access to printed materials like newspapers, magazines and other media in English where you live and teach (or are learning) English, the internet is so chock full of free, readily-available materials and audio-visual media of all types, that there is hardly any excuse for "I don't have any materials in English" excuses any more.

Learn to Teach English

Get serious, get help if you need it, get certified if you're not already - teach English well using authentic language and dynamics or do your learners a big favor and go do something else for a living. If you're really lost or in trouble and don't know the way to go, e-mail me and I'll provide you with whatever assistance, materials and / or suggestions that I can.

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