Saturday, June 14, 2008

How to Write About What You Know When You Don’t Know Anything

Write About What You Know
What to write? Well, write about what you know. Right. How can I write, I don’t know anything? Really? I’ll bet you do know something. Not only that, but I’ll even bet that you’re a near expert on one or two topics too. “Oh no I’m not”, you say. So let’s just see about that. Here are four areas with questions to ask yourself that might just help you to find out what you are an expert in that would interest others enough for you to write articles about.

Here are Four Areas Where You May be an “Expert”

Where have you worked? What kinds of jobs have you done? Paid or not paid doesn’t matter, but length of time on the job might. If you’ve worked as a salesman, a cook, walked dogs, cared for other people’s children, made crafts, taught something to others or just generally lived and loved, you can talk – and write about it. Been living in a cave for years, you say? Then you’re an expert on caves and cave dwelling, living in the wilderness and in the dark.

Hobby or Special Interests
What do you like to do? Can you paint, draw or create with your hands? Do you know cars, antiques or how to cook certain types of foods? Can you sew, knit, play music, sing or hum? How about fishing, hunting, bowling, other sports or photography? Do you dance, bird watch or garden? Have a good hand at raising earthworms, identifying butterflies and insects? Do you know about dogs, cats or other types of pets? Certainly there is something you like to do that you can talk and write articles about.

Special Skills and Abilities
Have you learned or been specially trained to do something? Fix cars, tune motorcycles? Decorate cakes, make pies or rag dolls? Can you program or fix computers? Appliances or power tools? Do you know how to catch fish or make your own fishing lures? Can you tile a roof, make a bookcase or perhaps dance Salsa or Tango?

Life Experiences
How about your life experiences? What have you done? What has happened to you, your family and friends over the years, that has truly had an impact on you? Can you tell others how to meet famous people? Find a good marriage partner? Care for an elderly sibling, spouse or parent? Buy a house or condo? Travel on the cheap? Do you know about credit ratings, bankruptcy and personal finance? Thousands of others may be waiting to know the information you have locked up in your heart and brain.

I Don’t Know Anything
After going through this quick list of potential topic areas and questions, certainly now you’ll no longer say, “I can’t write. I don’t know anything.” Hopefully by now, you’ve found out several areas that you are an “expert” in which would interest others enough for you to write about.

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