Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Write a Thousand Articles This Year? Sure You Can! Here’s How

As writers, teachers, article marketers, copywriters, sales, speaking and other professionals we well know (or should know) that being able to produce consistent, quality writing is an essential to our profession. But come on, a thousand articles in a year? You’re thinking, “Whoa Nelly!” Hold on there though now, partner. I’m going to show you – yes you, thick of tongue and fat of fingers though you might seem be, how you can approach this - for now - seemingly daunting goal.

First though Hoss, One Quick Question

The question is this: “Can you write a 1200-word article in a day or two?”

Think now.

If you answered in the affirmative, then you could write a thousand articles this year if you wish to. I repeat: Yes, you can. Not only is it quite doable, but it’s not anywhere near as difficult as you might presently think. To help readjust your paradigms, we’re going to break the process down into seven process stages or steps that will ultimately allow you to truly understand that you really could produce one thousand or more articles this year.

A Stash of One Thousand Articles

Just think, what could a stash of one thousand articles do for you? Are you kidding? Do you now personally know of anyone who has those kinds of bragging rights? If you do, you know what it does for them. You could be in the “Inner Circle” with them later this year. If you don’t know anyone with a stash of articles like this, then later this year YOU Bunky, could be the pace-setter and “Guru”, “Queen Bee” or “Head Honcho” of your writing circle. Can you imagine what a blast that is? But that’s not all:

Think of what a boost your writing skills will get from that much targeted practice. Want to be recognized as an “expert” in your field, hobby or personal interest? Do you want to explode your article marketing stats through the ceiling? Would you like to really get the attention of your boss, prominent editors in your area, or the big guns in your area of interest? Do you want a Space Shuttle trajectory blast to traffic on your website or blog? Are you thinking of establishing or expanding your online or web presence? Don’t you think that writing and publishing one thousand articles would do that and more for you?

You darn Skippy it would! So let’s get started.

In part two of this series, we’ll go into a more detailed breakdown of the production steps and processes needed to write a thousand (or more) articles in a year.

If you’d like to join my FREE “Write a Thousand Articles This Year” program, just contact me at: and we’ll get you started, put you on track and keep you going along with the other dedicated writing professionals in our rapidly growing group. (I’ve just put some freshly re-charged batteries in my Uncle Buzzy’s cattle prod) Just think, a year or less from now, you’ll be the proud author of a thousand or more articles. And your “writer” friends? Gosh, they’ll just be sick with envy. And you? You’ll love every moment of it, you thousand-article-writing devil you.

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Anonymous said...

It's very motivating how you encourage us to become writers. You are right when you said that we have to change our paradigms, we used to think that only few persons in the world can be writers and publish their opinions. If we feel unable to write interesting things for other people, we never can do it.But if we lose the fear to the critics and train our way to write to become more effective, maybe we will be as good writers as you are and we have the opportunity to exchange comments with our readers in order to improve our abilities.