Thursday, January 31, 2008

Part 2 - Write a Thousand Articles This Year

Do you want to be recognized as an “expert” in your field, hobby or personal interest? Do you want to explode your article marketing stats through the ceiling? Would you like to really get the attention of your boss, prominent editors in your area, or the big guns in your area of interest? Do you want a Space Shuttle trajectory blast to traffic on your website or blog? Are you thinking of establishing or expanding your online or web presence? Don’t you think that writing and publishing one thousand articles would do that and more for you?

Here’s The Breakdown

We start off with a goal to write a thousand articles in twelve months, so let’s break it down into some less intimidating steps.

One thousand articles in twelve months – This sounds intimidating to almost everyone. So much so that you get scared and don’t even start.

Five hundred articles in six months – This still sounds intimidating, especially if you haven’t written five hundred articles total to date. But if we break this down even further if starts becoming less intimidating and starts sounding more like something a real, working human being might be able to accomplish.

Two hundred fifty articles in three months – Now if you write PLR (Private Label Rights) articles this really doesn’t sound so bad at all because PLR article writers often need to produce one hundred articles per month to fill a package order.

How about eighty-four articles in one month? That’s at least four weeks of writing. Again, a PLR article writer may have to produce on hundred articles in that amount of time so it’s definitely doable. This number of articles is less effort.

Could you write twenty-one articles per week? That is in seven writing days. Before you balk, answer this:

“Could you write seven 1200-word articles in those seven days?”

That’s one 1200-word article each day. That sounds a whole lot better now, doesn’t it? If you think you could do this, great! You’ll be well on track to one thousand articles in a year.
How so? You may well ask. Well, one 1200-word article when divided into three parts of four hundred words each will give you three four hundred-word articles per day, quite easily meeting your daily article production requirement to write one thousand articles in a year.

Write Just ONE 1200-word Article Each Day

So it’s simply a matter of writing one 1200-word article per day then breaking that into three articles of four hundred-words or so each. Your three articles per day will add up to eighty four to ninety articles per month. This in turn will add up to from two hundred fifty to two hundred seventy articles in three months. This means that in six months you’ll have five hundred or more articles under your belt in six months. And from there, it’s almost in the bag that you’ll meet or exceed your lofty goal of one thousand articles in a year. Why heck, you can even take a couple of days or so off and still get your thousand articles done. By now you should be just about “raring” to go. You’re about to get the final push out of the door towards your inevitable writing success. I don’t doubt for a moment that you’ll have your one thousand articles in the bank before the end of this year. (Yup. I’ll bet you will)

In our upcoming, final, part three of this series, we’ll have a look at what you’ll “need” to get started and keep going. We’ll also address the dreaded question, “What if I “fail”?

If you’d like to join my FREE “Write a Thousand Articles This Year” program, just contact me at and we’ll get you started, put you on track and keep you going along with the other dedicated writing professionals in our rapidly growing group. (I’ve just put some freshly re-charged batteries in my Uncle Buzzy’s cattle prod) Just think, a year or less from now, you’ll be the proud author of a thousand or more articles. And your “writer” friends? Gosh, they’ll just be sick with envy. And you? You’ll love every moment of it, you thousand-article-writing devil you.

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