Saturday, November 19, 2005

Write 1000 Articles by this Time Next Year

Explode Your Writing Production:
Use a System to Write 1000 Articles by this Time Next Year

So how can you write two, three or more articles per day? Ten to fifteen articles per week or up to 100 or more articles per month? A whopping seven hundred to 1000 articles per year without breaking a sweat?


You use a system.

First you’ll identify your areas of specialization. Note that I used the plural. Everyone is an expert or near expert in multiple areas. Even if you’ve lived alone in a cave for the past several years, you’re an expert. You’d know about living alone in a cave. You’d be an authority on plants, animals, and insects that found cave life suitable. You could speak volumes on what to eat, drink and how to occupy yourself while living in a cave, etc. You get the picture, right?

Next, you’ll assemble your reference materials, resources and writing aids, those things that are going to help you to flesh out and deepen your article outlines. You’ll quickly be able to ascertain key facts, background information, select and apply poignant quotes and strong statistical data into your writing. Your writing must provide useful information.

People go online for three essential purposes:

- To get information
- To check their e-mail or chat online
- To make a purchase

Yes, there are other things you can do online, but these are the big three for most people. Think about it. Remember, you must provide useful information. This includes news, commentary and entertainment to a degree.

Third, you’ll be you’ll introduce the use of article templates; what they are and how to use them to produce smoothly transitioning, logical articles that are keyword-rich and packed with useful information for your reader. The keywords bring them to your article through the topic and SEO, or search engine optimization. The article title whets their interest and gets them to open your article. The first paragraph gets them hooked so they continue reading. The information-rich body of your piece keeps them reading. Your summary and SIG, or author resource box help you to bring the reader back for more and firmly establish your expertise.

Article templates allow you to almost effortlessly format and produce:

- Travel / destination articles
- Personal, political and other forms of essays
- Specialized topic articles
- “list” articles

Many other types of articles can also be produced using templates to save time and effort. Yes, you’ll still have to work for a living, but your productivity will grow faster than a jar of Kompucha in sugar-rich tea on a hot summer day in the shade. Zowee.

You should set writing production goals for yourself. As you develop and apply your article production system, your output will soon reach an article a day. Then you’ll start to research and write several articles per week up to multiple articles per day. When I’m on a roll, I can pump out five or six articles per day. It’s really not that difficult once you get the hang of a good system that works for you.

In additional promotional steps, you would expand and develop your online presence; not only by publishing but by also employing some additional online aids allow your readers (and potential customers) to contact you easily. You’d continually expand your readership reaching farther and deeper into the web to never-before-heard-of sources. You’ll build an opt-in mail list of highly targeted potential customers. You’d continue to build and deepen your knowledge of online publishing and marketing.

Finally, you’ll continually refine your article production system to crank out articles and useful materials faster and more regularly, shooting your content numbers, potential clients and reputation through the roof. A thousand articles per year? Huh, that’s nothing once you really get going.

Larry M. Lynch is a bi-lingual copywriter, expert author and photographer specializing in business, travel, food and education-related writing in South America. His work has appeared in Transitions Abroad, South American Explorer, Escape From America, Mexico News and Brazil magazines. He is the author of a 5-week online course “Develop a Specialty and Get Published on the Web for Fun, Fame or Fortune” Ccontact the author at

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