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Develop a Specialty and Get Published on the Web for Fun, Fame or Fortune

If you have a product or service you’d like to promote, want to really start developing your writing skills or get a strong online presence for yourself, this course is for you. Learn exactly what you can write about, how to format and structure a variety of article types, produce publishable articles FAST and promote yourself all over the web and all over the world – for free.

During the course the instructor guides you in selecting your specialties, article preparation and research and how to skyrocket your article writing to produce a stunning number of articles in record time. How many quality, information-packed articles do you produce NOW? An article every couple of months or so? One or two per month? One a week? Maybe you’re cranking out a couple of good articles each week.

But how would you like to hammer out two, three or more keyword-rich, information-packed, quality articles in your specialty PER DAY! That’s right, there’s no reason why you won’t be able to slide out 15 or 20 articles PER WEEK, up to 100 articles or more articles PER MONTH if you wish, and do it without “breaking a sweat”. Just think what that could do for your products or services, your reputation, your writing skills and YOUR BANK ACCOUNT!

Choose weekly or bi-weekly assignments, individually reviewed professionally by me - your personal instructor, with comments, suggestions, examples and invaluable feedback all designed to help you boost your writing ability, get published and earn recognition as an expert in your specialty.

Here’s what the 5-week online course “Develop a Specialty and Get Published on the Web for Fun, Fame or Fortune”, can do for YOU:

Get you to choose a profit-making “Specialty” that will set you apart as an Expert in your field

Have you producing floods of keyword-rich, information-packed, quality online marketing articles

Give you the means to provide FREE online marketing of your product or services by writing and publishing truckloads of marketing articles

Develop your writing skills and abilities allowing you to write quality copy and articles at your own discretion

Teach you how to organize your time, tools and schedule like a professional writer to MAXIMIZE your productivity

Provide you with professional, personalized support through each phase of the course to GUARANTEE your success and MAXIMUM benefits

Show you how to GET the RESULTS you want from your article marketing writing efforts

In addition, you get ALL these brain-boosting features:

Bi-weekly or weekly assignments each reviewed with comments, examples, suggestions and invaluable feedback with every lesson

Complete lesson materials by personal e-mail

Unlimited “question and answer” sessions with your instructor

Online references and materials all included

Personalized instruction – no “cookie cutter” feedback or “one-size-fits-all” treatment

A variety of free article templates to help boost your productivity to AWESOME levels

A generous selection of helpful (and required) Readings based on your specialty

Expert guidance on what to publish by a working, successful, professional author – not a “wannabe”

Expert guidance on where to publish – for exposure and for PROFIT

Follow-up on your progress to make sure you’re “off and running” with your writing and publication

Guaranteed writing improvement

Guaranteed publication online

Here’s the course program outline for the 5-week online course:

“Develop a Specialty and Get Published on the Web for Fun, Fame or Fortune”

WEEK ONE How to Get Respect

Selecting Your Specialty - What can you write about?
Specialty Assignment 1 – Getting your feet WET
Essential Expert Research Tools
Assignment 2
Assignment 3
BONUS Assignment

WEEK TWO Using Article Templates to Make Your Writing Soar

What Article Templates are and How to Use Them
Assignment 4 Article production using Article Template 1
Assignment 5 Article production using Article Template 2
Assignment 6 Article production using Article Template 3
BONUS Assignment - Article production using Article Template

WEEK THREE Write Like There’s No Tomorrow – Because There Isn’t

Writing on Schedule to Boost Article Production
Assignment 7 Article production using Article Template 4
Assignment 8 Article production using Article Template 5
Assignment 9 Article production using Article Template 6
BONUS Assignment Article production using Article Template

WEEK FOUR It’s Time for a Kick-in-the-Pants

Do You Play Poker? ‘cause We’re Upping the Ante
Surprise Assignment 10 (No peeking now!)
The Skinny on Article Banks (Which ones, Where and How)
Assignment 11
Assignment 12 BONUS Assignment

WEEK FIVE Some Essentials for Making Money

Five Essential Tools You Need for Marketing on the Internet
Assignment 13
Assignment 14
A Word (or two) about BLOGS
Final Assignment 15 and Feedback
You’re not Alone – We’ll Still be there to help You


You should NOT take this course if you are not DEAD SERIOUS about doing the work to get the benefits described. This is NOT a leisurely-pace, fun course – it’s WORK – and LOTS of it. (Well, you will have some fun if you like what you’re writing about) But there are deadlines to meet, research to done and a TON of articles to be produced. There are NO EXCEPTIONS and NO EXCUSES. We help and encourage you every step of the way, but you must DO THE ASSIGNMENTS as they are due. Missing editorial Deadlines will KILL your career fast, so we start you off right by not letting you miss any of ours.

About the course Instructor:

Prof Larry M. Lynch is a bi-lingual copywriter, expert author and photographer specializing in business, travel, food and education-related writing in Latin America. His work has appeared in Transitions Abroad, South American Explorer, Escape From America, Mexico News and Brazil magazines. He teaches at a university in Cali, Colombia. Prof. Lynch has taught EFL, published ELT articles as an expert author, presented at numerous TESOL conferences and trained teachers in the USA, Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, Panama, Canada, England and Spain. To get original, exclusive articles and content for your newsletter, blog or website contact him for a no-obligation quote and current rates. He is the author and instructor of the 5-week online course “Develop a Specialty and Get Published on the Web for Fun, Fame or Fortune”. He can be contacted directly at: For free tips, help and information on language learning, public speaking, article writing and mental skills development go to his Blog at: .

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