Monday, October 12, 2009

The Best Countries to Teach English In - Second Part

What’s the best Foreign Country to Teach English In?

So what’s the best country to teach English as a foreign or second language in? Your own personal interests, tendencies and personal goals will tell you. If you’re a francophone and want to delve more deeply into the French culture in all its forms, France is hardly your only option. Why not likewise consider Guadeloupe (a department of France), St. Martin or one of the French-speaking countries of West Africa, such as the Ivory Coast, Cameroon or Morocco on Africa’s north coast?

Equatorial New Guinea boasts Spanish as a major language right up there with Spain and Latin America. There’s also the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and I’d keep an eye out for some upcoming opportunities in Cuba too with the way things have been trending recently.

Teach English Abroad: “Lucky” Number Thirteen

Egypt may be an over-crowded oven, but other Saharan countries are woefully under-served. Many Arabic-speaking countries are also getting an undeserved bad rap. Contact the embassy of a country you might be interested in, in Washington, DC or your country’s capitol in order to inquire about pursuing possibilities. Whatever and wherever you may finally opt for, remember that there are 235 countries worldwide with more than 6912* spoken languages used among them, don’t get caught up simply “going with the flow”, expand your horizons, then give a non-traditional destination a shot. Finally, in case you’re wondering, the USA was “lucky” number thirteen on the UNDP Index.

For more quick info on teaching English abroad, check out this video clip.

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