Sunday, September 06, 2009

Funny Commercials in English

Using Humorous Videos in English Language Classes to Stimulate Learner Discussions

Humor is not a constant worldwide, but often does transfer like nothing else can. These commercials would be considered a bit risque in some areas, while in others they are strictly noted for their situational humor.

That being said, please note it is not my intent to berate, belittle, humiliate or embarrass anyone through the showing of these four commercials. Please pardon me if you are offended in any way by any of them. Their use is solely language education-based here.

Ask Your English Language Learners

You can ask your learners - or yourself - are these humorous where you live? Why? or why not?

Do these situations pose themselves in your country?

Why might these commercials be considered "offensive" or even "objectionable" in some areas of the world? Where might these be?

Do you or your English language learners know of any similar situations like these that might arise where you are?

Have you ever been to a sauna? Where? what was it like? Did you enjoy it? Why or why not?

Have you ever lost money in a vending machine? What were you trying to buy? What happened? Do you think "roughing up" the machine is okay if you're losing your money? What else could you do?

Do women breastfeed babies in public (on the bus, a subway, train or in a shopping center or mall, for example) where you live? They do here in Colombia where I live but could get arrested for doing the same in the USA or parts of the Middle East, among others. Why do you think it's okay to breastfeed babies in public in some countries, but not in others?

What might happen when the elderly ladies return home with their "vacation" photos?
How might they explain the one photo they didn't take? What problems might this cause for them or for the young couple? Will they keep the photo or throw it away?

I hope you enjoy the videos and make good use of this technique.

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Learn English Taku said...

It's a good idea for stimulating leaners, and the humorous video is interesting, ha, ha, ha.

m_yam said...

Thanks for a great idea! I like it. This makes me think of which classes of mine and how I'd like to use this idea...