Friday, July 24, 2009

20 English Language Learning Tools for EFL Students

No matter what age you are, learning English can be fun and best of all free. The Internet is loaded with web apps, social networks, activities, and interactive lessons designed specifically for EFL students. Here is a list of 20 tools every student can use:

VerbaLearn - VerbaLearn is a free vocabulary builder with tools that can help you study, track progress, and save time. This site is flush with vocabulary tools such as audio files, video flashcards, puzzles, and review.

Italki - This site features a free online social community that's great for EFL students. Italki offers language partners, multimedia chat, open source file sharing, knowledge wikis, and more.

Popling - Popling is a free web app designed for language learners who lack motivation. The app makes flashcards pop up on your computer throughout the day while you are working or surfing the net. The interval for the flashcards can be customized so you can see as many or as few flashcards as you'd like.

ESL Galaxy - The ESL Galaxy offers over 2,368 printable worksheets that can be used in lesson plans or as activities by students. The worksheets cover grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and more.

ESL Podcast - This podcast site features free podcasts for EFL students. Episodes provide conversations and discussions presented at a slower speed for greater understanding and comprehension.

WorldLingo - WorldLingo provides several online translators for translating your home language into English. The site can be used to translate text, documents, websites, and emails.

Dave's ESL Cafe - Dave's ESL Cafe offers free tools to improve English language skills, including a hint-of-the-day, idioms, phrasal verbs, pronunciation power, quizzes, slang, and student forums. - The provides many different online activities and tools for EFL students, including bilingual quizzes, grammar quizzes, vocabulary quizzes, and crossword puzzles.

Cramberry - Cramberry is a free online flashcard site that provides you with the tools needed to create and study flashcards over the web. The site also records your progress to show cards you're having trouble with so that you can study more effectively. - provides services and resources to learn English and other languages. This language site features English courses, flash games, grammar quizzes, essay writing, and a reading library.

Using English - Using English offers a large library of tools and resources for English learners, including a grammar glossary of verbs and idioms, forums, articles, and printables.

Word2Word - This large collection of language resources provides dictionaries, translators, courses, videos, audio, forums, and social communities for EFL students.

Radio Lingua Network - For ESL students on the move, Radio Lingua provides free podcasts created by an experienced teacher or a native speaker.

MyLanguageExchange - With over 1 million members, MyLanguageExchange offers plenty of language partners to improve your English skills. Students can also practice online with free lessons, chat rooms, and other resources.

Babbel - Babbel offers a fun, easy way to learn English. The site uses effective learning elements such as pictures, video, sound, and interactive elements for quick success. - This popular translation site offers free translators for text documents and websites. is a great way for EFL students to understand and translate words.

Parapal Online - Parapal Online offers free English exercises for improving writing, listening, reading, vocabulary, and grammar.

Nonstop English - With new tests added weekly, Nonstop English is the perfect way to practice your grammar and vocabulary skills. Students can take free interactive tests online or get them emailed.

EnglishMediaLab - The EnglishMediaLab offers free online lessons and videos for beginner to advanced EFL students. This informational site also provides survival English, grammar exercises, vocabulary, and pronunciation activities. - This site, designed for younger EFL students, features flashcards, worksheets, and activities. also offers creative songs and games to engage younger students.

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sprachkurs vancouver said...

very useful tools, thanks for the list.

J. Carlos said...
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Unknown said...

Would like to add This one is the most popular one in Germany.

seekme said...

a link for ESL learners :

Anonymous said...

El diccionario Wordreference está muy bien. Para los que lo usamos mucho viene fenomenal buscar directamente desde la casilla de búsquedas del navegador. Para buscar más fácil del español al inglés o viceversa, sin confundirnos, tenéis en dos plugins, cada uno con las 2 banderitas en el orden correspondiente.

Para usar los plugins en Firefox basta con que cerréis el navegador y extraigáis los 2 ficheritos del ZIP dentro de la carpeta searchplugins bien dentro de a) la carpeta de perfil o bien b) de la de instalación. Para saber dónde está en vuestro sistema operativo tenéis:

Después arrancáis el FX y ya tenéis los plugins en marcha. Es más cómodo acceder a ellos por teclado, con Ctrl + K y luego Alt + flecha de arriba o abajo (dejándo las flechas pulsadas vuela, con pequeñas pulsaciones va de 1 en 1)

Sprachkurs said...

hmm its great post i like it too much because it is very helpful for teachers to seek knowledge