Friday, June 12, 2009

Chinese Language Learning on Your Computer, the future of eLearning

Chinese language learning on your computer

Innovative Language learning Company launches the latest of its popular learning services

Innovative Language Learning Company announced the launch of, an online learning system that combines audio and video Podcasts, mobile apps, digital tools and more, and turns 5000 years of Chinese language into an interactive experience on PC, iPod, mobile and social networks. Raising the bar and creating something special in Podcasting and software applications is nothing new for a company which currently has over 60 million (Nielsen reported) downloads of its different educational Podcasts and iPhone apps, and has been in several of the top ten spots in the iTunes Top 100 Downloads charts for the past 3 years. is a place to have an effective and fun experience when learning Chinese as no one else can combine our range of lessons, interaction and community,” said Peter Galante, CEO of Innovative Language Learning. “Our lessons themselves are a great mix of practical guide and entertainment while all the time helping you to learn and discover more and more about China and the Chinese language.” taps into what is the fastest growing foreign language globally, 250 million people worldwide study Chinese, 130 million travel to the country annually with China itself due to become the most popular foreign destination globally by 2020.

"Creating content locally in Beijing is a powerful, strategic advantage of Beijing Chinese is the form of Mandarin Chinese the government bases standard Chinese off of,“ said David Lancashire co-founder of “In addition, we use voice talent from the Central Drama Academy of Beijing, the same school that produced Chinese film stars such as Gong Li and Zhang Ziyi.” is open now with free membership allowing visitors to get started on learning right away. Podcasts are also available on iTunes and are compatible with any Mp3 device.

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