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Teaching English in Mexico: Living in Acapulco

Teaching English in Mexico: Living in Acapulco

“See you on the beach after English class!” Living in Acapulco, this is an all-too-common phrase of sorts. But after the beach, there’s far more to do and see. Here are some snippets from my life in Acapulco. To keep up with the local and latest national / international news you can read one of Acapulco’s three major newspapers. “El Sol de Acapulco” which costs 6 pesos and is published daily by the Organizacion Editorial Mexicana ( This paper features extensive international and national as well as local news coverage. Less extensive internationally but with good regional and local coverage is found in “Novedades Acapulco”, a daily, family-oriented paper available city-wide for 6 pesos. (

For up-to-date regional news for the state of Guerrero, “Diario Guerrero” is the paper to read. It isn’t web based, and features political news and events for the four pesos you plunk down. For sending commentary or just putting in your two cents worth, you can e-mail:

What’s Around Acapulco to Do and See?
You’re kidding, right? Well. If you’re NOT kidding, here are some suggested sites to give you a modicum of ideas. An over-abundance of information exists on things to do and see, as well as places to drop a few bucks in the city. With more than 10,000 operating websites to provide ideas, you’ll be up to your eyeballs on the web for weeks. We’re listing a few of the better ones to help start you off. One place for you to start is the Frommer website giving an overview and some useful general information at:

Mexico travel information on-line with the Traveleye website provides extensive things to do and see listing worth checking out in advance to give a more than a few ideas. Go to:
Fodor’s website is also a good one to take a look at with detailed info and maps to give a good overview of the city, its environs and an avalanche of optional activities. Visit them at: or start at their homepage:

So, are you ready to come on down? Then, “See you on the beach after English class!”

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