Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Can You Really Make a Living by Teaching English Abroad?

Teaching English Not Realistic?
At the TEFL News Network site a post appeared which said, “I have recently read another article about teaching English in Mexico that indicated that the wages are very low and so if you are planning to go there to learn Spanish, and supplement your expenses through teaching English, that is one thing, but actually going to Mexico expecting a job teaching English that can sustain you on a long term period, is probably not realistic. I would be interested in anyone with experience trying to do this in Costa Rica.”

Non-Professional EFL Teachers
You constantly hear that wages are "low" and that you can't make a decent living teaching English as a foreign language abroad. With all due respect, most of these comments come from non-professional EFL teachers who have little or no experience living and teaching abroad and no self-marketing skills to speak of. What they usually don't mention is that although wages are "low" - this is in comparison to a salary in US dollars and the American or British economies - costs of living are also much lower in comparison too. That simply means you'll get far more "bang for you buck" in local currency.

Shortage of Skilled EFL Teachers Worldwide
For well-prepared, experienced, skilled EFL teachers worldwide, salaries are most often very high in comparison to what others earn in that country. Decent-paying jobs are also plentiful. This means that with your "low" salary, you'll have a car, a house or lovely apartment, a maid and several weeks of paid vacation each year in addition to the numerous paid holidays often celebrated in many countries. Far from being near the bottom of the wage-earner scale, you'll be in the upper percentiles even when compared to other teaching professionals in the same country. The ex-pats who know this and are doing quite well often don't bother responding to such dismal misinformation.

So, choose a country you feel you'd really enjoy for its food, its life-style, its desirability, its climate, its language even its low cost-of-living and minuscule tax rates. Then go for it with all you've got. Meld yourself into the new language, food and culture while kissing your money problems "adios". Make new friends, live like a local and you'll experience a new lifestyle like you can't imagine. Forget the non-realistic “naysayers” and do what you love.

If You Want to Teach English Abroad ...
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