Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Are Course Book Dialogues Useful in EFL Speaking Practice?

Speaking Practice Dialogues
The purpose of practicing dialogues English or other foreign language learning is generally to promote the use of grammar or structure in context. While there are those who are both in favor of and against its strict use, I personally favor the use of course book dialogues by EFL learners in conjunction with “free”, “unrestricted” or “unguided” practice. It's important to provide EFL and foreign language learners with regular, extensive speaking practice using a variety of modes. Pronunciation aspects involved in or related to the dialogues being practiced by learners must also be included. This is especially true if a “problem pronunciation” sound occurs during the spoken discourse.

Video Example
Watch this video example (see video window below) of two intermediate level English as a foreign language learners recorded reading an Interchange series course book dialogue aloud. Then as an ELT professional or EFL practicing learner, decide for yourself how any connected speech problems might be addressed. An EFL class or group of learners might also be asked, “What would you have done in Rich’s situation?”

The Dialogue Transcript:

April: “Rich, you look exhausted!”

Rich: “I know. I didn’t get much sleep last night.”

April: “What happened?”

Rich: “Remember those guys I told you about?”

April: “The ones that just moved in next door?”

Rich: “Yeah. They had another party, and the noise kept me awake all night.”

April: “Well, something had got to be done.
This has happened every weekend since they moved in!”

Rich: “Yeah. Tell me about it. I finally had to call the police.”

April: “I would have done the same thing.
They shouldn’t be allowed to disturb people like that.
And anyway, they should have at least invited you to the party!”

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