Sunday, February 03, 2008

Gather your Tools and Resources to Write a Thousand Articles This Year

We’re going to take our mammoth undertaking for this year, to write and publish a thousand new articles, and break it down into a number of smaller, non-intimidating, manageable process steps that will allow you to alter your current paradigms concerning what is possible for you to do. You may think of writing a thousand articles as a huge leap of skills, talent and accomplishment, which true – it is, but not so much so that you must feel it’s out of the question for you now. It’s most certainly is not. This can be critically important if you are involved in copywriting or article marketing.

An Important Early Step

Well up front you’ll need to set aside a place or space where you will consistently work. This was mentioned in a previous article. So you should have your writing nook ready. Now another important early step is to gather some of your most essential tools and resources together into or near your writing space for quick access. While exactly what these will consist of may vary a bit depending on what kind of writing you’ll be doing, there are some key resources that are invaluable to almost every writer regardless of genre or topics. Let’s take a quick look at eight of these are in parts one and two of this article and then assemble them for our frequent use and referral.

1. A Dictionary – You’re going to have to have not just one, but several dictionaries on hand for a variety of purposes. And not the little paperback ones either. I’m talking about full-fledged hard-bound volumes of American and British English. Toss in a Rhyming dictionary, too. If you work at all with another language or any vocabulary or cultural references to one, then you should also have at one good bilingual dictionary on hand.

2. A Thesaurus – Now another dividing point among many serious writers is their use of a word reference tool other than a dictionary. Some favor the old standby Roget’s Thesaurus, while more conventional, upbeat authors gravitate more towards a Rodale’s Word Finder. I have and use both, but definitely prefer the Rodale’s.

3. Book of Word Origins – This may or may not be commonly available, depending on where you live, but I’ve found this reference to be quite helpful on numerous occasions in writing for a wide variety of genres. This can provide some short, concise filler information to chip into a piece that might be initially too “thin” in some spots.

In the continuing part two of this article, we’ll suggest five additional resources which should prove invaluable in your quest to write a thousand articles (or more) in a year.

If you’d like to join my FREE “Write a Thousand Articles This Year” program, just contact me at and we’ll get you started, put you on track and keep you going along with the other dedicated writing professionals in our rapidly growing group. Just think, a year or less from now, you’ll be the proud author of a thousand or more articles. And your “writer” friends? Gosh, they’ll just be sick with envy. And you? You’ll love every moment of it, you thousand-article-writing devil you.

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Anonymous said...

Why you would equate "upbeat" with "conventional" is a mystery. Why you would equate Rodale's with those two adjectives is even more so. One thing is certain, Rodale's is definitely superior to any thesaurus I've ever used.