Thursday, October 25, 2007

Part 4: The English-Speaking ExPat’s Guide to Making Money Abroad

Part Four
Here, in this multi-part article series, we’ll take a look at several additional money-making abroad opportunities you can seek out or create for yourself while living in a foreign country or traveling extensively abroad. Wherever you may be and whatever is common to the country or region where you might be living and traveling, you can rest assured that there are many editors, web masters, site owners, publishing houses and others with available cash in hand, who are interested in seeing and knowing or experiencing more related to the area.

Photo: scene at the Santiago de Cali University in Cali, Colombia

More About Schools and Institutes
Let’s get back to schools and institutes again. Whether they have native English speaking teachers or not, there’s one thing they don’t have – and that’s enough authentic English language materials to work with. How does this benefit you? Plenty! You can write or prepare materials for the teachers and staff to use in classes. Create a menu from one or more of your favorite restaurants back home. Write it up use photos, drawings and images to dress it up a tad, and be sure to write descriptions of each dish, beverage and dessert; then print or publish it as an authentic menu (which, by the way, it is).

In addition, you can create simple games and puzzles that foreign language teachers will fight over. Word search puzzles, crosswords, coloring books, illustrated poems and nursery rhymes, riddles and tongue-twisters can all be written up, illustrated with your photos or graphics, then bound into a published or photo-copiable book you can sell in lots to kindergartens, primary and secondary schools and English language institutes at a tidy profit. These types of materials are cheap, quick and easy to produce. You’ll almost never run out of ideas, topics or themes to keep you cranking out an almost endless supply of highly sought-after materials. Walk into almost any large educational institution from primary to secondary schools through trade and technical schools, to even English or foreign language institutes and university language departments, with a selection of your custom-prepared materials and you’ll almost surely walk out with cash in hand and standing orders for more.

There’s More, Much More
In this multi-part article so far, we haven’t even come close to touching the tip of the iceberg yet when it comes to the cornucopia of money-making possibilities you have before you while living or traveling abroad. The only real limits to your possibilities are those that your imagination and creativity may have.

Larry M. Lynch is an English language teaching and learning expert author and university professor in Cali, Colombia. Now YOU too can live your dreams in paradise, find romance, high adventure and get paid while travelling for free. For more information on how to get your copy of his full multi-media, hypertext-linked pdf ebook, “The English-Speaking Ex-Pat’s Guide to Making Money Abroad” by send an e-mail to with "Making Money Abroad" in the subject line. Contact the author directly if you need professional, original content for your blog, newsletter, e-zine or website, want more information, have a comment or special request?

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