Monday, July 28, 2008

The Trinity College London Licentiate Diploma

Years ago, when I was asked to state why I wanted to do the Trinity College London Licentiate Diploma Course, here's what I wrote:

There are several reasons why I wish to successfully complete the Trinity College Licentiate Diploma course. Briefly they are as follows :

The Trinity College Licentiate Diploma
The DELTA, Trinity College Licentiate Diploma or other certified advanced diploma credential is widely recognized and accepted as an advanced qualification in teaching English as a foreign language. In my current place of employment as an EFL professional, there are no courses or programs available for the advancement of English teachers whether native or non-native speakers of English. So, acquiring to higher level work or studies in the field are limited at best, non-existent at worst. As a native English-speaking English teacher with more than 14 years of EFL / ESL teaching experience, one of the few options I have of improving my value here at the Santiago de Cali University would be to complete a certified, recognized DELTA, Trinity College Licentiate Diploma or another advanced ELT diploma program outside of Colombia.

The British Council
I have worked briefly with the British Council here in Cali, Colombia as a substitute CELTA-level Teacher Trainer and wish to improve my qualifications formally with the option of applying for a Teacher Trainer position full time. This would require an advanced English teaching credential such as the DELTA, Trinity College Licentiate Diploma or other diploma level program since I presently meet most other requisites based on previous education and English teaching experience.

Problems in Colombia
Social, political and living conditions here in Colombia where I currently live and work, continue to deteriorate, violence against civilians is rapidly escalating, and having an advanced credential such as a DELTA or the Trinity College Licentiate Diploma would greatly improve my chances of obtaining a Senior EFL teaching position, an EFL Teacher Trainer position or an ELT Administrative position in another country when I exercise the option of moving to another location.

I am interested in exploring EFL teaching possibilities in Europe (Spain), if possible, or another Spanish-speaking country, North Africa (Morocco) or Asia (India). The diploma combined with my extensive EFL teaching and ELT topic presentation experience, publication of more than 100 articles, papers, reports, academic texts and student practice workshops would be an invaluable asset in supporting my bid for an upper-level ELT position in another foreign country.

A CELTA-level TEFL Certificate
Currently, I hold a CELTA-level TEFL certificate from TransWorld Teachers Institute in San Francisco, California (1993) and a TBE (Teaching of Business English) certificate from the Teacher’s Development Institute in Boston, Massachusetts (2002). An Trinity College Licentiate Diploma added to these in addition to my 14 years of EFL teaching experience would be an additional springboard for improving my knowledge of English language teaching and learning, ELT level, position and options for a continued career in teaching English as a Foreign Language or moving up permanently to available Teacher Trainer or ELT Administrative positions in countries worldwide.

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