Sunday, July 06, 2008

The 5 Key Photo Types You Must Take When Traveling, Teaching or Living Abroad

Add Value to Your Travels Abroad
To add value to your travel editor queries and travel writing assignments, no author should be without photos, images and graphics to enhance your multi-media package offer. Not only does a cache of related, available images boost the saleability of your writing, but the photos themselves can also be sold individually or in packages. If you teach English as a foreign language or are an ex-pat living and working abroad, these tips and techniques will most certainly work for you too. Travel, food and stock photography is an excellent way to pull in some quick, extra cash while teaching English as a foreign language abroad. Here are five indispensable shots you'll need to get no matter where you might travel to.

1. Overall Views and Vistas
Where are you? A panoramic or overall scene is indispensable. Is it a seaport? Is it in the mountains? Is it a valley location? Is the location a seaside one? How about at the base of a volcano? Find a scenic vista of your location and get a variety of angles of it. Need a hint or clue? Try looking for postcard scenes of the area and you'll have an idea for starters.

2. People on Location
Unless you're in Antarctica, be sure to get shots of the locals at work and at play or simply going about their normal daily life. Seek out what's different, unique or unusual. The clothes, the lifestyle, environment, and customs are all good for photo ops while abroad. Make sure to ask for permission to photograph people. Won't people say "No"? You'll find that the vast majority won't, and the very few who do deny you won't be dross about it. Nobody's ever pulled out a pistol and shot at me yet - although I did have a crabby old French woman in Paris hit me over the head with a rolled up newspaper once. But that's another story.

3. Signs and Location Markers
An often overlooked but useful and quite salable shot is of street, road, highway, city and location name signs. You know, the ones that say, "Welcome to ..." In any location there could be many such signs - some of them even quite colorful, unique or interesting in some way. These kinds of shots are also great for photo shows and presentations. Look around for a few, wherever you are.

4. Action and Human Interest
So, what's happening around town? A festival? A pageant? A regional fair?A local holiday parade? Is there any folk dancing or special celebration in the works? Ask around and be sure to check the festivities out. This category can cover a broad range of interest-grabbing images. You could even shoot some short videos of the action, whatever it is. You never know.

5. Close-up Photography
There's a world of colorful, unique shots waiting for you just beyond the end of your nose. Images like food, animals and insects, flowers and plants, textures, patterns, clothing and architectural details are only a few of the areas to consider for attention-grabbing close-ups and macro images.

Not on an Assignment?
You're not on assignment, you say? Well, if you're traveling on business, or on vacation then getting these five key types of images help in snagging some not-too-shabby-cash flowing your way. And besides, who knows what doors will be opened for you during the process of seeking out and positioning yourself to get those "got-to-have-it" images?

The only one stopping you from making some quick, extra cash on a steady basis from your travel, food and stock photos photography is you. So pull your camera out of mothballs and get to it.

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