Saturday, July 26, 2008

Part 2 - Professional English Teachers Desperately Needed

More Stories From TEFL Administrators
We continue here with more "horror stories" from ravaged TEFL administrators. And you thought only English teachers had "problems"? Just take a look at this.

Dress Codes? What Dress Codes?
Dress codes, resumes, punctuality and attendance; does this sum up the apparent worst of the infractions? No, my friends, it doesn’t. We haven’t dipped into the actual interview itself yet. At one point a hiring manager at Lingua Cultura Institute in Mexico City had me laughing out loud at some of the “antics” that she’d experienced during English teacher interviews. “One applicant actually asked me not to schedule her for any classes on Mondays or Fridays because she needed those days to make a for-day weekend each week for her partying.” She didn’t get the job at this prestigious, well-paying institute. Now she can party forever.

Strange Requests
Applicants have made strange requests as pact of their employment prospects. “Can I bring my dog to class?, cuz’ I can’t get anyone to watch him during the time I’m not home. He’s very destructive, you see.” What do YOU think the interviewer said? Professor Stephen Bradbury told me, “I did know an English teacher who took his Bassett Hound to class. The dog slept on the floor at the front of the class while the teacher was lecturing.” That situation endured for quite some time although you may wish to note, that the “dog lover” no longer works as an English teacher. Word gets around. Requests for “special favors”, illicit “loans” or payment for un-worked time are unprofessional and out-of-place. In a word, “Don’t do it.”, advises Chloe Conway de Pacheco of the Centro de Idiomas Del Sureste, one of Merida’s largest language schools.

Be Professional
If you’re going to work in Mexico (or any where else for that matter), be a professional. Let’s prepare well for interviews. Even though you’re a native speaker of English, “Be prepared to take an English evaluation”, warns interviewer Mario Robles Luengas at Hamer – Sharp in Mexico City’s Zona Rosa. Be sure to roof-read resumes and cover letters. Let’s maintain an acceptable attendance record on our jobs, dress for success, and avoid proliferation of the “ugly American” stereotype in any way to our south-of-the-border neighbors and employers. To assist in providing aspects of proper protocol in business and some personal matters while in Mexico, timely short features on working in Mexico will address topics of interest to us all. Some will be news. Others will be reminders. All should be useful.

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