Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Seven Guaranteed Ways to Fail English as a Foreign Language Class

Learning English or Other Foreign Language?

If learning English or some other foreign language simply doesn’t interest you at all, but you find yourself having to take English classes, here are seven guaranteed ways to ensure that you will fail. Add all of these to a deliberate lack of any English language practice at all, and you will soon be collecting bad grades and poor English language skills in droves.

Here are Seven Almost Guaranteed Ways to Fail English Class

Don’t Study for the Exams
In most formal English or other foreign language classes, you’ll be required to take periodical exams or evaluations of some type. Don’t bother to study or prepare for these in any way. Try to get a zero if you can.

Miss English Classes Often
In addition to not preparing for your English as a foreign language classes, you can just skip the classes altogether. Often there is a limit to the number of classes that can be missed and still have the possibility of passing. Exceed this limit and there you are, failing English classes can be just that simple. So fail early and avoid the late semester rush.

Don’t Ever Ask Any Questions
Okay, so you’re in English as a foreign language class. “Yadda, yadda, yadda”, the teacher is explaining grammar. You don’t really understand but don’t ever ask any questions in class and you won’t disturb the EFL teacher. This will really help you to fail.

Try NOT to Participate in English Class
You don’t want to disturb the English teacher, do you? So don’t raise your hand or volunteer to answer any questions in English class. No only that, but you shouldn’t participate in English class activities at all. Dialogues, games, practice activities and other dynamics shouldn’t concern you.

Never Read or Use the English Class Course Book

If your English as a foreign language classes require the use of a course book, you may have to buy one but you certainly don’t ever have to open, read or use it in any way. Maybe you can even sell it to some other learner for next semester.

Forget About Doing Homework and Assignments
Look, your free time is yours to do with as you please, why use it studying and practicing English? Don’t worry about doing homework. Forget those English class assignments. If the EFL teacher is pushy about checking books and collecting assignments, you could just copy the work from one of your buddies.

Disrupt the Other Learners in English Class as Much as Possible
If some “authority” like the school Principal or your parents absolutely insist on your being in English class, then the least you can do is to make your presence known by disrupting English class activities as much as possible. Laugh, joke, talk with other learners in your first language, whatever you might feel in the mood for. This will help you to fail as quickly as possible.

In All Probability You Will Fail English
If you strictly follow these seven ways of approaching English classes, you can rest assured that in all probability you will fail English as a foreign language this term and every term. Encourage your classmates to do the same and you can help them to fail English classes too. Guaranteed.

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