Monday, June 23, 2008

More Useful Websites for English as a Foreign Language Teachers

In a previous article post we began with some websites for English as a foreign language teachers who may be short on funds and TEFL resources. Here I’d like to continue with a few more personally-selected websites I think you might benefit from.
One of THE premiere EFL teaching job sites online, it will take you a couple of days to input all your information into their database. Once you do however, you’re set and can apply for any ELT-related job anywhere in the world with just a few mouse clicks. You can create and save or update your information quickly and easily at any time too.

ESL base
Another English as a second or foreign language site where I’ve posted articles and read informative ones on ELT for quite some time now. They have a forum, an interesting selection of features and are well worth a look while you’re browsing for ideas and information. There are jobs, English courses and EFL teaching and learning resources.

Grammar Advisor
If you’re in the least bit shakey or flakey with your English language grammar, then you would do well to check out this site for English grammar. Not only is the site interactive, but has voice and sound as well so you get to hear spoken versions of grammar in context in addition to reading and grammar lessons.

Daily Writing Tip
Not exactly a site for “newbies” or the faint of heart, grammarians post this site with in-depth explanations and examples of quite a number of lower-frequency, but interesting and informative English vocabulary points. Origins of words, definitions and contexts for use of lexical elements such as reduplicatives and homographs along with a “word of the day” like avatar, zeitgeist and conundrum, are trademarks of this site.
This site has some interesting lesson plans for English teachers, videos, photos and exercises worth a look. You can copy and use the material as is, or adapt it for use with your learners as need be.

Billions of Websites Online

Certainly, as we’ve talked about before, with billions of websites online, there are a multitude of available, blogs, articles, posts, forums and other resources for English language teachers from which to choose. We’ve started a concise list here which will continue to grow on a weekly or monthly basis. Please remember that if you have a favorite site or online resource you’d like to share, please post it in the comments section to help your fellow EFL teachers no matter what country they surf the internet from.

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