Friday, February 01, 2008

Part 3 Write a Thousand Articles This Year? Sure You Can! Here’s How

This is your final push out of the door towards your inevitable “Write a Thousand Articles This Year” success. I don’t doubt for a moment that you’ll have your one thousand articles in the bank before the end of this year. (Yessiree. I’m betting you will)

What You’ll Need

Yes Bunky, you’ll need some precise discipline. You’ll have to set up your “writing space” or a “writing place” if you don’t already have one. And yes, a cheering section (that would be me and my writing “Write a Thousand Articles This Year” group, Matey) and some peer writer coaching to help boot you over those initial rough spots will definitely be of help too. An additional great boost will be the use of a variety of article templates. If you’re fresh out of handy, dandy writing templates no problem, they’re available to members of our “Write a Thousand Articles This Year” group. I’ll bet you guessed that already though, didn’t you?

But writing a thousand articles in a year is a lofty but attainable goal that will do untold wonders for your business, for your writing career, for your article marketing campaigns, for your online or web presence and be an absolutely, undoubtedly stunning boost to both your writing skills and your self-esteem. Think of what will happen to your Google ratings with a thousand articles posted online! Hey, I won’t even mention the bragging rights you’ll have over your writer’s group and other friends. Aren’t you going to just love watching them turn slimy barf green with envy!

Finally …

Okay, okay, I know what you’re thinking. You must be asking yourself, “What if I don’t or can’t “keep up the pace” for a whole year? Well, in that event all is certainly not lost. Sure, it’ll take a bit of grit to get going and get set firmly on track, but help is always available (via our free “Write a Thousand Articles This Year” program) if and when you need it. The overall schedule does not actually require writing every single day, nor must you produce three articles each and every time. Other possible scenarios are discussed within our program group. In an “absolute worst case” scenario, even if you don’t get your one thousand articles in one clip, you’re not exactly going to cry if you only reach seven or eight hundred articles, now are you? Certainly not!

There’s really no way to “fail” at this. Everything you produce goes “in the pot”. If you do slip in any way at all, you’ll only “fail forward!” Doing only half of the program will still net you five hundred articles – that’s right, five hundred articles! How could you possibly call the writing, production, editing, publishing and even the possible selling of five hundred articles a “failure”?

If you’d like to join my FREE “Write a Thousand Articles This Year” program, just contact me at and we’ll get you started, put you on track and keep you going along with the other dedicated writing professionals in our rapidly growing group. (I’ve just put some freshly re-charged batteries in my Uncle Buzzy’s cattle prod) Just think, a year or less from now, you’ll be the proud author of a thousand or more articles. And your “writer” friends? Gosh, they’ll just be sick with envy. And you? You’ll love every moment of it, you thousand-article-writing devil you.

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