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Pimsleur Rated Best Language Course to Learn a New Language Fast

Pimsleur Rated Best Language Course to Learn a New Language Fast

Language students consistently rate the Pimsleur language courses higher than most other programs on the market by recent blog and independent studies. The ability to learn a new language fast is greatly increased when Pimsleur is included with your foreign language study. A free downloadable lesson is also available for review.

Is it possible to converse in a new language in as little as 30 days? According to most Pimsleur language course users, it is. Various independent polls and blogs rates the Pimsleur language method one of the best language course programs on the market. Pimsleur-Language recommends that those looking to learn a new language fast should consider the Pimsleur Method of language training, a language course technique that can give users the ability to communicate with native speakers of a language in as little as 30 days, or 15 hours of language lessons.

Pimsleur Language Courses - Learn a New Language Fast

Pimsleur programs provide plenty of positive reinforcement that will keep learners on track, and we found that Pimsleur gave us more proficiency and confidence in speaking the new language than any of the other language programs we reviewed."AudioFile Mag
Developed by linguistic expert Dr. Paul Pimsleur, the Pimsleur Method is an audio based language course that helps students learn a new language using the same method we all learn our first language--by listening.

Because a traditional language course relies on repetition and written work, many people who want to learn a new language fast often consider the Pimsleur method preferable to other methods.

Pimsleur courses do not require any written work. Instead, it is based on four principles that work together to help achieve faster language comprehension and memorization. A Pimsleur language course helps a student to build a Core Vocabulary using audio-based Organic Learning in order to pick up on the correct grammar and accent.

In addition, language students who use Pimsleur courses will maximize their memorization using a method known as Graduated Interval Recall, which tests students on words and phrases they have previously mastered at varying intervals. Finally, Pimsleur's Principle of Anticipation challenges students to rely on their memories of previously mastered material in order to progress in more advanced language lessons.

It's never too late to learn a new language. Language Students who begin a language course today will be in a better position to travel the world or to meet work requirements. Also don’t forget to participate at this year's American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language Expo Event (ACTFL) in Boston, MA November 19-21 where the Pimsleur language course has been featured many times.

Smartsource products offers Pimsleur language courses for more than 40 languages and offers buyers the chance to get a free downloadable Pimsleur lesson in order to hear how simple it is to learn a new language fast using this method. Some language course offerings are Arabic, French, Spanish, Mandarin, German, Italian, Portuguese, English, Russian, Japanese, Polish, Hebrew, along with some new offerings such as Urdu, Tagalog, Romanian, and some Native American Languages such as Ojibwe, plus many more.

About Smartsource Products:
Smartsource Products ( was started to provide people with the ability to learn a new language for fun, for business, or for personal reasons. Because people are traveling far more often than they used to, there is no time to learn a language in the classroom or with a tutor. Smartsource Products offers language course programs that are based on the way the human mind works and the way we all learned our first language, which is by hearing.

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