Tuesday, June 16, 2009

71 % of US Workers Are Learning Another Language to Increase Their Job Marketability

Additionally, 94% Believe Bilingual or Multilingual Skills Will Make an Employment Application More Competitive

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwire) - During the recent economic downturn, job seekers are learning another language to make themselves more competitive against other applicants submitting for the same positions.

In a recent survey of 300 respondents, 71% of US workers have begun learning another language to give them an edge against competing applicants. Additionally, 94% of respondents believe that learning another language makes someone more marketable and can positively impact earning potential.

As companies expand and grow their international relations, bilingual and multilingual candidates are increasingly in demand by employers. According to the survey, 67% of respondents communicate regularly with someone who predominantly speaks another language in their current or most recent position. Additionally, 59% applied for jobs in the past year that required a moderate knowledge of another language.

Language learning continues to be a growing market, as evidenced by recent findings from executive recruiting firm Korn/Ferry International, which cites that 31% of executives speak two languages and 20% speak three.

(1) Success Magazine also reports that bilingual workers earn $5,000 - $7,000 more in salary a year than solely English-speaking employees.

(2) The survey was conducted by Auralog, the pioneer of integrating advanced speech recognition technology with language learning. Auralog's award-winning TELL ME MORE® language-learning solution offers an engaging, culturally-immersive learning experience.

"As the world gets flatter, companies grow more global and span numerous cultures and languages," said Christophe Pralong, Auralog's North American vice president. "Job seekers need bilingual and multilingual skills to be competitive and succeed in this new business environment."

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About TELL ME MORE® powered by Auralog

Auralog is a world leader in language learning solutions and publisher of the award-winning TELL ME MORE solution suite. Auralog incorporates over 20 years of language empowerment experience, full training support services and advanced technologies including speech recognition, video, role play and spoken language tracking into the TELL ME MORE suite of language learning software programs. With offices in the United States, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Mexico, and China, Auralog has more than 350 employees and provides services globally to more than 10,000 organizations and over seven million learners. Users of TELL ME MORE include consumers, primary, secondary, higher and adult education institutions, home school users and businesses of all sizes. www.tellmemore.com

(1) http://jobs.aol.com/articles/2009/01/26/why-it-pays-to-be-bilingual
(2) http://www.successmagazine.com/Invest-In-Youand-Your-Earnings-Potential/PARAMS/article/326/channel/22#

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Leroy Walker said...

Yet, with the Global Economy crashing, more and more nations are becoming more Nationalistic.

Go figure.

I don't remember being asked whether or not I wanted to participate in this globalism nonsense.

We are more divided than ever and there's great animosity amongst all us who've had to deal with diversity/perversity multiculturalism baloney.