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More Tips For Taking a CELTA or TEFL Certificate Course

Some Reader Questions:

What is the best way I can ensure a pass on the CELTA or TEFL certificate course with an A? I have to admit that I am bit nervous. Is it really that demanding? Do you foresee any trouble with me passing the course for teaching English as a Foreign or Second language?

Any additional advice or recommendations you have would be greatly appreciated.

My Responses:

The tips I've provided in the articles should help you.

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Yes, it's that intensive when given at a CELTA authorized certifying center. Here are some additional points to consider in preparing for and taking a CELTA course.

Yes, you should pass if you pay rapt attention during input sessions, take copious notes,
study regularly and keep up with assignments. Further things that might help you include:

Taking a selection of clipped photos, office supplies, newspapers, guidebooks, flyers and post cards from your hometown.

Learning where the local department store, "Five and Dime" or "Dollar" store is nearest your CELTA program site. You’ll be there a lot to pick up cheap materials.

And while you’re at it - don't plan on "partying" during the course.

Having a good grammar book reference and a good dictionary will also be helpful. Take your laptop PC along with you on the course too, if you have one.

During the course don't ever hesitate to ask ANY question you might have no matter how insignificant or "trivial" you think it might be. If you want to know or aren't sure, others likely are too so you'll be helping not only yourself, but your classmates.

Be sure to mentally prepare for an intense, high-input experience. That's what it's designed to be. That's what you're paying the big bucks for. So take advantage of it, don't fear it.

You definitely should plan on scheduling your time and getting needed rest regularly.

Again, don't plan on "partying" during the course.

This is an all-too-common error on the part of CELTA program attendees that usually gets them into "serious Guacamole" before they realize what's happening. The "tears and anguish" we CELTA trainers see during the last week or so of the course almost always come from the “cutesy-poo” and hunk "party animals" of the group. By then it may be too late to "pull it out" and pass which is what you're on the course to do.


Focus - what are you here for? To “see the sights and party”? I think not. (and, I hope not!)

Did I mention, don't plan on "partying" during the CELTA or TEFL certificate course?

Hey, actually you can "party" when it's over - so you might consider staying over an extra few days just for that and "seeing the sights". That's usually the best idea if you can manage it.

That all being said, you should do fine and pass your CELTA or TEFL certificate course with flying colors.

Good luck and let me know if I can help you in any way.

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